CMG (aka. CustardMustardGustard) is me!

CMGhands is a place for me (CMG) to visually vomit my mind thoughts. I generally create some kind of work using a mixture of disciplines (that I mess up with my stupid hands) such as lino prints, drawings, collage etc. My work explores life, and death, and everything in between, with a slight hint of humour (possibly, maybe, not).


For all enquiries about my work please email me at
If you would like to speak to me using mouth words, it’s best to email me and we can arrange to speak via Skype.

Please note: I try to update this site as much as I can, but as I tend to be busy procrastinating it’s difficult to find the time… so to see more up to date work either check my Facebook page or my Instagram account (I tend to update Instagram more).